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Partner in Command "Surviving Pilot Incapacitation"

I'm working on my muscle memory today by taking this safety course for the third time and working in the plane simulator. ✈️

“Partner-in-Command: Surviving Pilot Incapacitation" is an invaluable course for those of us who are in the right seat and fly frequently with pilots in Cirrus aircraft.

I am of the mindset that knowledge is power, and if the unthinkable happens I want to be as prepared as possible to increase our chance of survival. The course is intended to teach right-seaters how to be an active participants in the flight as a resource to the pilot, and explain the availability and use of safety equipment in an emergency, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

My next "to-do" item is to go to the full (including motion) simulator in Las Vegas to hone my safety skills even further.

In the meantime, practicing scenarios and "what if's" when we fly is the best way for me to rehearse all that I've learned.

Photos in order:

1. Our plane

2. The desktop flight simulator used during the training

3. Me and my friend Catherine (who played the role of the incapacitated pilot) taking turns on the simulator

4. My setup during flying - all safety materials and "must have's" like glasses and cell phone in a fanny sack for easy access

5. The Partner-in-Command training session. ❤️👨‍✈️✈️

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