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A Piece of Cake Flight & A Stall Horn Cover Solution

Ahead of our daughters wedding next Spring, we traveled to Columbus Ohio to join in on some wedding cake tastings. With masks in tow we enjoyed the afternoon meeting with bakers and getting our sugar on.

We also enjoyed a delicious German lunch at Schmidt House.

Some insights from The Pilot

I finally found a reasonable way to protect the stall horn port from bugs and debris when in the hangar or on a ramp. This is a golf tee (only 3/4” long) and just the “flag” from the Plane Sights Lt Sport Pitot Kit. This is on our 2007 non-FIKI SR22. There’s just enough friction to hold the tee in place even in some pretty stiff wind.

I originally tried a foam earplug, and while that works, I was too concerned about not having a highly visible RBF flag on it.

Shout out to my brother-in-law for sporting me the tee. :)

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