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Capturing photos and videos while flying

We are finding that we are taking A LOT of photos while flying. Some get added to blog posts and others are just stand alone images. Sometimes we are ready with the camera (iPhone) and sometimes we miss the photo op. Ahem...

The glass in the cockpit has also been a bone of contention. Getting the right angle, avoiding glare, and not having your own reflection or that of the avionics (especially at night) in the photo can be a real challenge.

Enjoy this assortment of recent pics and a couple of videos.

Stretching out in the back seat on one of our longer flights.

Taking off next to the big guys at John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, OH.

Multitasking mid flight. The Pilot was looking at the Saturn V in Huntsville, AL.

Merched out. of course!

For those WKRP, Reds, and Bengals fans out there.

Following the Ohio River home to Southern Indiana.

Right of way goes to this Airbus A319, Allegiant Air flight 2517 from New Orleans to Cincinnati. Obviously. We were 1,000 feet below (at 10,000; they were at 11,000) as we flew over the CVG VOR.

Taking off over water in New Orleans. Sidebar - lifejackets are always on board.

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