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Creating a Sightseeing Flight of your Hometown

We are familiar, of course with our hometown and its surrounding areas - but seeing everything from the vantage point of the plane is a unique experience. A few months ago The Pilot developed a short 40ish minute flight that covers some of the highlights of the Southern Indiana/Louisville, Kentucky area where we call home.

We've enjoyed this flight a few times recently. It's been a nice, QUICK, way to get up in the plane and see the local sights. For out of town guests the flight has been a fun way to show them around because we've included local highlights like the many bridges over the Ohio River, French Lick/West Baden Resort, the Louisville skyline, the locks on the Ohio River and our house :). We could easily extend the flight to include Churchill Downs or the distilleries of Bardstown, KY if interested.

Our oldest son was recently visiting from Seattle and it was fun to fly him over an area where he grew up and knows well - from the ground.

We've also used the flight seasonally and just last week checked out the Fall color (or lack thereof). By far the neatest part of the flight for me is flying down the Oho River with the skyline to my right, and the bridges underneath us...a beautiful reminder that it's important to stop and enjoy all that our hometown has to offer.

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